Friday, January 25, 2013

Christ Kiddo "The Erection of Christ Kiddo"

More new stuff! It's Christ Kiddo from Australia and their totally DIY demo/EP/releasewhatever. They play a sort of rock and roll with some thrash and hardcore punk vibes thrown into the mix as well, and on top of that imagine a pre-puberty (sorry man) Aussie vocalist singing about chronic wanking, skating, and taking shits on people from the roof. You know, the important stuff. Mind you it's not pro-recorded but the artwork on this is total DIY fun stuff and lyrics are hilarious as fuck. Get it for $2 or buy something else from my distro and I'll throw it in for free! check it here:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blood Division (SG) "Grip of Power" Tape and "Necrordnance" CD just in!

Just in! Blood Division from Singapore bring the blackened d-beat crusty attack! Order your copies of the "Grip of Power" EP tape ($8)release and their full-length CD "Necrordnance" ($12). Some special stuff here, a very unique blend of d-beat crust passages mixed in with some black metal blasts and vocals, and even a splattering of old school death metal in there too. The band's running out of their own inventory so get your hand on one of these, shit get both! check it:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Riff Raff turns Canadian!

So I've moved from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, BC now, so all prices are now in Canadian dollars. I think that makes everything cheaper, so good fer yewwwwww!!! 

New addition to distro!

New stuff in from Halyu Hardcore! One-man Singaporean black metal band Prekurxor's release "When All Light Dissipates" in stock now! Raw, old-school black metal. Very thought provoking, check it out here - $7

Monday, December 3, 2012


An almighty long-awaited post. I've been away from this blog for a while, but a shit ton of new stuff has arrived. Here's the most updated list of what's in the Riff Raff Distro. All prices in US dollars and not inclusive of postage. Trades are more than welcome, get in touch!! Email me at !!!!

Afflictis Lentae – From Nothing…To Nothing – Pro-CD - Compilation of the various releases of this maniacal French black thrash solo motherfucker! - $10
Afflictis Lentae – Pieces – Pro-CD - Solid crossover thrash from France! Inspired riffs and some awesome covers of Cro-Mags, Negative Approach, and The Business! Part awesome thrash, part great tribute to 80s hardcore punk. – $8
Atomicdeath/Bloodstone - Hellish Nuclear Destruction - Pro-CD - Malaysian and Singaporean thrashers join forces in this split! Support these thrash bastards!! - $8
Beast Petrify – Intrication – Pro-CD – Singaporean two-man thrash metal attack! Lots of intricate riffage in what’s really a barrage of thrashage. - $8
Blasfemador - A Meia Noite Levarei Tua Alma - Pro-CD – Thrash metal from Brazil! Combines the old-school thrash sound with elements of black metal and heavy metal. Lots of classic NWOBHM sounding riffs! - $6
Bonehunter  - Turn Up the Evil – Pro-CD – Metal punk as fuck. Some truly evil sounding black thrash and roll, for fans of Midnight, Abigail and Venom! - $8
Deathtopia – Human Anatomy Show – Pro-CD – Filipino death metal sickos, for fans of old-school death metal (especially Autopsy) with lots of fucking gore. With some influence from Entombed as well! - $6
Diabolical Demon Director - Surrounded by Evil - Cd-r - Raw thrash metal with bits of black metal influences from Australia. True underground shit! - $5
Diabolical Demon Director - Thrash Metal Poison - Cd-r - Compilation of this Aussie thrash band's EPs. Underground thrash!! - $5
Headbanger - Nuclear Devastation - Pro-CD - Tight classic sounding thrash metal from Poland! Highly recommended!! $8
Hereafter - Government Conspiracy - Pro-CD - Malaysian thrash metal masters! - $8
Hereafter – Endcient – Pro-CD – These Malaysian thrash metal bastards are back with another full-length!! Killer songs and a cover of King Diamond’s “Welcome Home”! Grandmaaaaaaa - $8
Killing Fields - Gigantrix Extinction – Pro-CD – Relentless, fast, raw black thrash from Thailand! Full of fucking vicious energy! - $8
Klootzak - Bloodlust – Pro-CD – Heavy Metal from France, polished sound complete with Bruce Dickinson wails from the depths of Dio’s grave - $8
Psychotrain - Into the Threshold of Hell – Pro-CD – Thai thrash metal! For fans of Testament, Megadeth, Bonded By Blood and the new-school/retro thrash metal sound. - $8
Rubbish Mob - Up in the Block Hole - Cd-r - Absolutely raw and filthy metal/punk from Australia. God-damn. - $4
Tork Ran - Tales of Death – Pro-CD (2CD) – Old-school thrash metal from France. Compilation of Tork Ran’s demos, rehearsal tapes and live shows. - $12
Tortura - Race Against Hangover – Pro-CD -  Fucking cerveza-soaked thrash from Mexico. You can’t go wrong with this shit! - $8
Zebarges - Putain D'Metal – Pro-CD – Weird as all hell music from these French assholes! At times metal, at times punk, at times I don’t even know what the fuck is going on, mais putainnn d’metaaaal! - $8
Zebarges - Stay Barges or Die!!! – Pro-CD - Another album from these French metalpunk purveyors of weirdness!
V/A - Fueled By Metal - Pro-CD - Bunch of heavy/thrash metal heroes doing their thing, check it!! - $8
Afflictis Lentae - Pieces – Pro-Cassette - Solid crossover thrash from France! Inspired riffs and some awesome covers of Cro-Mags, Negative Approach, and The Business! Part awesome thrash, part great tribute to 80s hardcore punk. - $5
Thrashera/Zebarges – Split - Pro-Cassette – A tape worth having. Side Thrashera is thrash metal with elements of hardcore and d-beat, side Zebarges is thrash/punk/heavy metal combined with the trademark Zebarges weird vibe! Side Zebarges ends with a blues jam for fuck’s sake! - $5
Afflictis Lentae – Saint Office – LP – French Black Metal Attack!! Recommended for the black metal warriors out there, this release has lots of great black thrash moments as well, and a fitting tribute to Judas Priest as well in the form of a cover of “Nightcrawler”! - $12
Afflictis Lentae/Zebarges – No Escape From the Jaws of Hell – LP – Afflictis Lentae deliver another release of relentless black thrash assault on the ears! And end it on a sweet note with a Motley Crue cover! So ridiculous it’s fucking funny as shit! Zebarges go full-doom on this one with a plodding drone sound. Heavy stuff. - $12
Bandanos - We Crush Your Mind With the Thrash Inside – LP – Crossover from Brazil! Total Suicidal Tendencies worship but with an added ferocity and an injection of Brazilian-ness. If you’re into crossover you won’t be disappointed! - $10
Bud Spencer – People Are Curious But From the Outside – LP – Instrumental stoner-styled technical metal/rock. In the same vein as Mastodon and Baroness, buy this LP because this band might be onto something! - $12
Xanadoo - Man Vs Fetus - msg or email for sizes and other enquiries - $8

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

XANADOO "Man VS Fetus" T-shirts

Xanadoo "Man Vs Fetus" t-shirts out now!!! DIY screenprinted, 15 SGD OR 12 USD.

Email for more details!

RAFF-002 BRAINDEATH "Crossing Over The Pit"


 Braindeath (Brazil) - Crossing Over The Pit - Pro-CD Digipak 
 Another collaborative effort with NUCLEAR GAICHAL RECORDINGS (France)! This underground thrash masterpiece is total Brazilian thrash mayhem, relentless ripping shit!! Check it here: August/September 2012)